Maggie and Henry Website Re-design

Maggie and Henry website has been re-designed featuring a new brighter look, simplistic easy to  use navigation and smart phone and tablet friendly.

Visit the new site at:

Maggie and Henry

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Facebook: Share a post to your page.

Facebook has once again changed their business page format. Here is how you share a post to your business page.FB Cheat Sheet 2

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What Color Should I Paint My Office?

How color affects your behavior (the science-y part)

Angela Wright is a world-renown color psychologist who has developed a scientifically-tested theory of color named the color affects system. She has also written a popular book on color psychology, and consulted for a wide range of companies like Shell, Motorola, Proctor and Gamble, British Telecom, The Body Shop, and Unilever. Angela has been studying how color affects a person’s behavior for about 40 years.

Angela’s work has shown that while a person’s personality affects how they interpret color, color influences everyone universally, and on a very basic level, color is deeply scientific.

“We’re always surrounded by lots of colors. Color travels to us on wavelengths of photons from the sun. And when they strike a colored object, that object absorbs only the wavelengths that match its own atomic structure, and they reflect the rest, and that’s what we see. So the different wavelengths strike the eye in different ways. In the retina, they are converted into electrical impulses that pass to the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus, which governs our endocrine system and hormones, and much of our activity.”

The bottom line: color profoundly affects your behavior.

How color impacts your productivity

Interestingly, Angela mentioned that it is not a color itself that affects your behavior. Her research has shown that it’s how intense a color is that affects how you respond to it.

What defines whether a color is stimulating or soothing is not the color, it’s the intensity. A strong bright color will stimulate, and a color with low saturation will soothe.”

I put together the picture below to illustrate this concept. The colors on the left are highly-saturated versions of blue, yellow, red, and green (which you can combine to make any other color except white and black), and they’re much more stimulating then their respective lowly-saturated counterparts on the right.



Research has also shown that each color affects a different part of us. “The four psychological primaries are: red, blue, yellow, and green. And they affect the body (red), the mind (blue), the emotions, the ego, and self-confidence (yellow), and the essential balance between the mind, the body, and the emotions (green).” Interestingly, when you combine more than one color, you get the effects of both of them. For example, if you combine a highly-saturated yellow with a highly-saturated blue, you will get a color that stimulates both your emotions (yellow) and mind (blue).



The exact color to paint your office to become the most productive


If you Google “the most productive color”, every result seems to suggest that blue is the most “productive” color. Angela called this an “oversimplification”.

If you need to stimulate your mind, then yes, blue would likely make you the most productive. “If you’re an accountant, blue probably would make you more productive. But not everybody is an accountant.”

If you do mind-work all day, Angela recommends painting your office blue, but spicing it up with a bit of orange so that you introduce a bit of emotion into your mind-stimulating room. “If you have a blue office, you need to put a bit of orange in there to introduce a bit of balance, a bit of emotion, so that you’re not a cold bureaucrat.”


“If you’re a designer, and you want creativity, blue isn’t going to be the color for you. Yellow is a better color”, because it stimulates your ego and spirits, and makes you more optimistic.

“It takes guts to be creative and come up with something new – that’s why yellow works in that environment.”


If you want to be more productive doing something physical, red would make you more productive than either blue or yellow, because it stimulates you physically. If you’re hiring a bunch of guys to build you a house, for example, “blue isn’t going to be a lot of help to you – you want the red for physical strength and stimulus”.


If you’re in an environment where having a strong sense of balance is the most important, green might just be the color that makes you the most productive. As well, “because it’s so balanced, calming, and reassuring, it’s great to use around anywhere money’s changing hands”. On the flip side, though, “it can be very stagnant and inert”, so an “action man, who loves red, is going to find green quite a strain”.

Which shade should you go with?

To determine which color to paint your surroundings, first narrow down which main color (or combination of colors) will work the best in your situation by deciding whether you want to affect your mind, emotions, body, or balance.

Then, pick a specific hue of that color. Naturally, keep in mind whether you want the color to stimulate or soothe you, by picking either a highly-saturated or lowly-saturated hue. Angela provided me with some advice for picking the right shade after that.

“The best advice I can ever give anybody in general is to point out that we were all born with a very accurate sense of color in general, and our kind of color in particular. If we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have survived evolution as we did.” As an example, evolution has taught us that green is a stable, balanced color – it is the sign of life and vitality, after all – and it is one of the reasons we see green as such a ‘balanced’ color.

Interestingly, at the same time, color is both very scientific and very personal. Angela recommends going with your gut, but only after determining which part of you that you’d like to affect. “Actually – you will know the colors that make you feel the most productive. It is different for everybody.”

Another tip: colors hardly ever exist in isolation; they’re usually surrounded by other colors. “Color works exactly the same way as music – as Thelonius Monk said, ‘there are no wrong notes’. Music and color work in the same way. There are no wrong colors either. It’s how you use them.” A color or musical note “doesn’t actually evoke much of an emotional response until it’s put with other colors, or other notes. And then, in both cases, whether you get a positive or negative emotional reaction depends on the relationship between the colors or the notes.”

Original Article by Ellen Symons  Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported copyright license.


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Back 2 Basics Life Coach Linda Poole

One Page Website Redesign
Elegant and Simple


Responsive Design multi-device layout for smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

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Style One New One Page Website

Style One located downtown Astoria historic district shop, is now online.  Cynthia Merriman the owner of Style One, a shop featuring: home decor, antiques, vintage finds, new home furnishings, lighting and plenty of gift ideas, is excited to be a part of the world wide web!

Although the website is just one page at this time, she plans to add additional page and a online shopping website. Cynthia’s website designed by KP Graphic Arts is designed to adjust to the media you are using.  The layout will change according to the size of your desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

Desktop Computer View

Desktop Computer View


Tablet Layout

Tablet View

Smart Phone View

Smart Phone View

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Rain Magazine Sponors Pages 2014

This gallery contains 13 photos.

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Rain Magazine Sponsor Layout by KP Graphic Arts

Coast Weekend: Arts & Entertainment

Get your copy of the 2014 RAIN Magazine

Hear from writers, artists at magazine reception Thursday

Posted: Monday, May 19, 2014 8:00 am | Updated: 8:22 am, Mon May 19, 2014.

ASTORIA — Clatsop Community College announces the release of the 2014 Neighbors & Neighborhoods Edition of RAIN Magazine.

The college will host a public reading and reception at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 22 at Clatsop Community College, on the second floor of Columbia Hall, 1651 Lexington Ave. A meet and greet with authors begins at 5:30 p.m.

Many of this year’s contributors will read excerpts from their published work, and original art work from the magazine will also be on display. Light refreshments will be served, and copies of this limited edition CCC publication will be available to the public. The public is invited to come celebrate the talented Columbia-Pacific community.

This year’s RAIN Magazine includes new writing from Robert Michael Pyle, Terry Shumaker, Tricia Gates Brown, Tim Sproul, Krystal Norberg, Matt Love, Jan Bono, Jim Dott, Vicki Clark, Brian Doyle, Dave Densmore, Gordon Graves, Reba Owen, Calandra Frederick, John Ciminello, Patty Hardin, Richard Mack, Jaymes Condon and more. Artwork by Kristin Shauck, Mike Duncan, Kaley Harris, Holly Eckhardt, Josefine Mabry, Joe Wood, Kim Taylor, Terry Shumaker, Vicki Baker, Noel Thomas, Lucien Swerdloff and many others is also included. This year’s cover art features a mixed-media oil/collage by Gearhart artist Royal Nebeker.

RAIN Magazine is made possible due to a grant from the Clatsop County Cultural Coalition, a partner of the Oregon Cultural Trust, along with the donations of local individual and business patrons. CCC offers a hearty thanks to Robert and Elizabeth Stricklin, Deac Guidi, Gordon Graves, T.J. Lackner, Reba Owen, Tom and Karen Gill, Holly Tumbarello, Terry Shumaker, Bob Pyle, Christine and Greg Riehl, and Mark and Tommie Redwine. Business sponsors include the Astoria Co-op Grocery, Imogen Gallery, Baked Alaska, Cloud & Leaf Books, Patty’s Wicker Cafe, Shear Pleasures Salon & Spa, Godfather’s Books, Charlie’s Chowder House, Englund Marine, SunRose Gallery, Hold Fast Tattoo, KP Graphic Arts, Zuplaw Law Firm, Astoria Sunday Market, Pizza a’ Fetta, Beach Books, KIA, Napa, Yoga Namasté, The Daily Astorian, Windermere Realty, 3 Cups Coffee House, Dragonheart Herbs, Moby Dick Hotel, Fort George Brewery, Astoria Coffeehouse & Bistro, Wimahl Family Clinic, Tora Sushi, Gilbert Historic District, Cannon Beach Arts Association, Flashback Malt Shoppe, Guido & Vito’s Italian Restaurant, Blue Scorcher Bakery, and the Cannery Pier Hotel.

Special thank you to Kathleen Peterson of KP Graphic Arts in Seaside for all her work with this year’s fundraising and sponsor recognition layout.

Following the debut, copies of this year’s RAIN Magazine will be available at the CCC Library, CCC Bookstore and other area business sponsors at a suggested donation of $5; one per family.

For more information, call Nancy Cook at 503-338-2335 or email

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Seaside Oregon Business Facebook Pages

B. Boutique

Beachhouse Vacation Rentals, Inc

Bell Buoy Seafood Market of Seaside

BJJ Seaside

Book Warehouse of Seaside, Oregon

Canelo’s Auto Glass

Cleanline Surf

Columbia Safe and Security, Inc.

Coastal Restoration

Cotton Club

Fairweather House & Garden

Flashback Malt Shoppe & Gifts

Flash From The Past

Dundees Bar & Grill

Gluten Free Northwest

Hold Fast Tattoo Co. & Gallery

Inn at the Shore

KP Graphic Arts

KSWB am Gold Radio Station

North Coast Building Industry Association

Oregon Seaside Vacation Rentals, LLC

Providence Seaside Hospital

Savannah Sue

Seaside Vacation Homes – Vacation Rentals in Seaside Oregon

Shane Dean Construction Co., LLC

Star Furniture Seaside

Sunset Empire Park and Recreation

Providence Seaside Hospital

Oregon Seaside Vacation Rentals,  LLC

Rag and Bone

Seaside Carousel Mall


Seaside First Saturday Art Walk

Seaside Fultano’s Pizza

Shane Dean Construction Co., LLC

Tora Sushi Lounge

Tree of Life Christian Outlet Seaside

Tsunami Skippers

Twisted Fish Steakhouse

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How to Add a Photo to a Folder: Photoshop Elements

Click on File

Then from the drop down menu choose Save As


Select Pictures

Then click on the little folder with the red star burst.


You will have a folder like this:

Then go back to Photoshop and click on the drop down menu and save the photo in the new folder.

To download the folder click on the folder and choose the Send To option.

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