Creating a Family Blog

Choosing a blogging service:

WordPress:  More Categories- Easier to access information

Eblog: More Design Templates

Sign up for your Blog

I will be using wordpress as an example.

Go to

You will be asked to create a username and password.

Choosing a Name:

Your blog name must be in all lower case letters, no symbols, characters or spaces.

  1. Your username must be unique.
  2. Make sure that when you look at your name it can be miss read as something embarrassing.
  3. As simple and easy to remember as possible.

Choosing a Password:

Choose a secure password with at least one number, one letter and one symbol.

Click >next

Your Blog Domain will be the

Blog Title enter the name of your blog “My Family Blog” (you can change this at any time)



If you would like your family blog appear in search engines like google and be listed in directory leave this box checked. If you just want your family to find your blog, uncheck box.

Click >Signup

Now you will be directed to go to your email and confirm your account. There will be a link in the body of the email for you to click on to confirm your username and password.

Now you can view your site or log in.

Log on for the first time:

Select >Dashboard

Select >Post located on the left. (There will be an auto generated post there)

Select >Edit You will the auto generated post. Put your mouse on the title of the post and under the title a list of options will appear.


Return to the left side bar and Select>Add New

Add your title

Write your first post.

If you want others to add comments to your post leave the boxes in the Discussion window checked. If you do not want others to comment on your blog uncheck boxes.

Select >Publish located on the right.

Now you can view your first post at the top next to the Title of your blog click the >visit site button.


At the bottom left of the page Select>Settings>privacy

How do I organize my blog?

The great thing about wordpress is you can blog way and then categorize and tag posts later. This is great when you are first starting out and things seem to over-whelming. But it is best to get in the habit putting each post in a category and tag your posts as you go.


You can create as nest categories. You can create categories as you post, or if you a very organized person and you already know what your categories are going to be you can set up your categories in advance.

  1. Add categories Select>Posts>Categories from there you can add a category and description. You can also assign categories to parent categories to created nested categories.
  2. Add categories as you post Click>Add New Category at the lower right of the page.


Why should I tag my post? If you add the search widget to your page views will be able search your blog by keywords. If do not have any keywords, search will not work correctly. Search uses to tags to find items.

To tag your post go to Post Tags on the right and type your tags in the box, separate tags with commas. Then be sure to click>Add.

You can add established categories and tags quickly by going to Post>Edit select move your mouse over the post you want to tag Select>Quick Edit. You can then add tags.


The default for wordpress is to have comments approved before they are posted. You will receive an email when you receive a comment and you can approve or delete comments in your dashboard. Select>Comments. WordPress has a good spam filter and spam appear in the spam folder.

Blog Appearance

You can work with the basic template or you can select a different template by going to Select>Appearance on the left side near the bottom.

When selected a template for you blog you need to consider:

  1. Size
  2. Color
  3. Widgets
  4. Header

After you have decided what you would like go to the top right of the page and Select>Feature Filters Select>Refresh and it will bring up templates with your selected features.


What is a widget? Widgets are applications that you can add to your blog to make it more interesting. The basic template the blog comes with has the following widgets, pages, archives, categories and meta.

Some widgets you may want to include on a beginning family blog would be: calendar, category cloud, and pages.

Adding Users

Select>Users at the left bottom of the page, you will see a user name the same as your blog, that is you. You can add other users to your account if that personal already has a wordpress account by entering the email address that person has used for their account.

Type their email in the box.

Now click the box next to Role:

  1. Contributor
  2. Admin
  3. Editor
  4. Author

You can change the person’s role or delete a person by checking the box next to their name and going to the top and change or apply actions. Be careful with adding someone as an admin as they have access to all your settings and information.

Photos & other media

You will have an allotted storage space for your blog. When that space is full you can pay for addition space.

To upload video and other media you usually have pay a low yearly fee to upgrade from a free account.


  1. 1. Photos should be 72dpi (Be sure to save as a separate file so you do not overwrite your original file.)
  2. 2. Photos should be no larger than 500px.
  3. 3. How do I edit my photos? If you have a printer it should have come with photo editing software, you can use “paint” on a PC start>accessories>paint, you can download free software programs from the internet. For more advanced photo editing you can purchase Photoshop.


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