Free and Low-Cost Press Release and News Release

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January 2009

Free and Low-Cost Press Release and News Release
Distribution Services for Public Relations (PR)

Press releases (distribution to reporters) and news releases (distribution to Web sites that publish releases unchanged or directly to consumers) are among the more important tools of corporate communications and marketing. Most large companies maintain their own media lists of press contacts for press release distribution or utilize fee-based services such as Business Wire to distribute their news releases.

In recent years, a number of free and low-cost news release distribution services have sprung up on the Internet in most of developed countries. These upstarts offer basic press release distribution services, deliver additional exposure and readership for news releases, and help improve search engine rankings. The free and low cost news release distribution services are most appropriate for and used most frequently by smaller organizations that do not believe they can afford paid press release distribution services. Seasoned public relations professionals would argue that free and low cost services can not match the in-depth distribution of the long-established fee-based services.

The following web sites, compiled from multiple sources by CyberAlert, Inc. ( the media monitoring company, offer free or low-cost press release and news release distribution services.

Press release distribution sites with dollar signs ($, $$, $$$) are low-cost sites that charge a small fee. More dollar signs mean higher fees, but all are under $100 per news release distribution.

As a service to its customers and public relations professionals worldwide, CyberAlert maintains and updates this list periodically. If you know of other free or low-cost press release distribution services (especially international services), please submit the name of the service and the online URL (link) to

Below are links to free and low cost press release and news release distribution sites: (broken link) – $$$ – $ – $ – $$ – $ $$

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