This article was copied from the following website in an effort to compare different options for internet press releases:


I know. You’re looking to distribute a press release. You don’t want to spend a lot of money. In fact, you’re not quite sure press releases work … or at least work for you.
This is what happens to the average visitor to our site …

* they see we charge a mind-boggling $297* to distribute a press release nationally
* they hit the back-button
* they go to the next site until they get to a free site or a sub-$100 site
* they distribute their press release (they might even try a few free press release sites)
* they get a few clicks to their website but no sales and no media coverage
* they pat themselves on the back that they were right about press releases
* they thank their lucky stars they didn’t spend $297* as they’ve proven press releases don’t work

This is what you don’t know:

* there’s no free lunch (free press release sites exist for ad revenue and to collect your email address for marketing purposes)
* there’s no lunch even there (free and sub-$100 press release sites don’t get your press release to the media OR distribute OVER a newswire)
* distribution OVER a newswire costs money ( PR Newswire charges over $800 for a 500 word press release while Business Wire charges over $750; vs. only $297* for 600 words from eReleases )
* emailing a press release to newsroom@ap.org is not newswire distribution
* most journalists don’t subscribe to RSS feeds
* most journalists judge you by the company you keep (free sites are filled with webpage spam and marketing copy formatted into a press release)
* SEO or search engine optimized press release services generally optimize your press release to rank high on that company’s website, not your website.

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