Logos and Artwork #1

I have found that most small business owners do not have a copy of  the logos or art work for their businesses. When I ask for their logo or art work for a project they refer me to the original artist or the company that does the printing for their business.  Every business owner needs to have a digital copy of their artwork and logos. If you do not have these items, you may find your business with out the logo or artwork you have paid for. If you do not have a “clean” or “photo ready” copy of your logos and artwork you may end up paying someone reconstruct your logo or artwork.

Most Graphic Designers as a rule keep digital copies of the artwork they design for clients and most printers  keep files from previous projects. As a business owner you may think that when you call or refer someone to a designer or printer to get  your art work it is easy for them to retrieve it. Can’t they go to their computer, type in your name and access your files? Print files are too large to have everyone’s files on one computer. This means that your files are on a CD or some other type of storage.  It takes time to locate your files, depending on how organized the person that has your files is and how many files they have stored.   This can be very irritating to the artist or printer. I have had printers tell me they do not have a logo or artwork, when I know that they have it. They are too busy or they  do not want to take the time to locate it. An other thing to consider… what if the person that has your logo or artwork goes out of business, retires, moves or dies.

When an artist designs a logo or artwork for you request a digital copy of your work. If the files are small enough they can email you the files and you can save them to a CD. Label the CD with the date and name. Print your logo art work and file the CD and print out together. It is important to date your files, so you can find the most current revision.

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  1. flash says:

    I searched on google and I had a hard time located the right info….until I found your blog.

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