I didn’t even consider having a copyright notice on my website until recently,
when I started adding some of my artistic creations
to the site. I became strangely worried that someone (or something,
like Altavista’s image search) would suck up these creations of mine
and re-use them on another website for another purpose without my permission
(not that I think a copyright notice will prevent the unfeeling ‘bots
from chomping through my site, copying and caching it as they please).
Why I didn’t have this concern when it was just my thoughts in text,
I can’t say, but after doing some research, I think a copyright notice
is necessary.If one were to think about it in ideal terms (as I try to do), all
I really want is to prevent other people from using my thoughts/creations/publications
without giving me credit, or using them in “bad” ways even
while giving me credit. The ideal solution to this is that people would
re-use my work in only “good” ways and give me credit in doing
so. Unfortunately, there are too many possibilities for misinterpretation
of what I mean by “good” and “bad”, and so I must
resort to an official statement.

Peter Suber phrases such a statement rather nicely, and so I re-use it here as my official copyright notice.

“I hereby give permission to copy, print, or distribute any
documents [and graphics] from my web site, provided

(1) that each copy
makes clear that I am the document’s author,

(2) that no copies are
altered without my express consent, and

(3) that no one makes a profit
from these copies without my express consent.

This permission does not extend to mirrors of my web pages. Do not
put even unaltered copies of my pages on the internet (web, usenet,
ftp, etc.) without my permission. Until we negotiate, please use a link
rather than a copy.”

If you’d like to read more about copyrighting web documents, I recommend
the following:

There’s an interesting article over at
about a neat technical solution to keep people from copying images off of your

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